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Welcome to J&P MEDICAL RESEARCH Ltd.; Institute for Drug Research & Development Based on the Public-Private-Partnership concept, we provide medical research services for pharmaceutical product development from the clinical phase II-IV. Our lean and non-bureaucratic business structure allows for agility and flexibility. With the demonstrated depth of experience and knowledge we offer to bring real value to your projects.

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Research & Development

In cooperation with various international research institutions, companies and universities, J&P MEDICAL RESEARCH Ltd. focuses on research & development projects in three main topics related to tissue pharmacokinetics, oncology and the fast, robust and reliable identification of bacteria in critically ill subjects. These programs spur the development, design and manufacture of new technologies in a wide range of areas. We promote public/private partnerships and the importance of regionalization in growing the innovation economy in Austria and Europe.


J&P MEDICAL RESEARCH Ltd. is one of the leading experts in the field of microdialysis.

Oncology Studies

A major research focus of our institute is the identification of tumor cell target structures

MALDI-TOF-MS Bacterial Analysis

Our institute develops innovative methods to identify bacteria in human samples