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Oncology Studies

We investigate ways to better understand, diagnose, and treat various tumors.

Current experimental treatment options may include new drugs, gene-therapy, surgery, radiation, or biologic immuno-agents that enhance the body’s overall immune system to recognize and fight cancer cells, and a combination of therapies.

However, of particular interest to scientists is the development of tailored therapeutics, involving a combination of targeted agents that use different molecules to reduce tumor gene activity and suppress uncontrolled growth by killing or reducing the production of tumor cells, to treat tumors based on their genetic makeup.

In collaboration with our national and international partner institutions, we search for appropriate and clinically useful biomarkers of tumors. We are also testing and looking for different drugs and molecules to see if we can modulate the plasma-to-tissue drug transfer in specified tissues such as the brain and better target tumor-cells and tissue matrix. Also under investigation are ways to help the body respond to improved drug delivery or other new or established cancer treatments.